Arduino Project 1

Blink an LED

Required Parts :

  • Arduino Uno Board
  • Breadboard – half size
  • Jumper Wires
  • USB Cable
  • LED (5mm)
  • 220 Ohm Resistor

Project Diagram :

Connections steps :

You can build your Arduino circuit by looking at the breadboard image above or by using the written description below.  In the written description, we will use a letter/number combo that refers to the location of the component.  If we mention H19 for example, that refers to column H, row 19 on the breadboard.

Step 1 Insert black jumper wire into the GND (Ground) pin on the Arduino and then in the GND rail of the breadboard row 15

Step 2  Insert red jumper wire into pin 13 on the Arduino and then the other end into F7 on the breadboard

Step 3 Place the LONG leg of the LED into H7

Step 4 Place the SHORT leg of the LED into H4

Step 5 Bend both legs of a 220 Ohm resistor and place one leg in the GND rail around row 4 and other leg in I4

Step 6 Connect the Arduino Uno to your computer via USB cable

Upload The Blink Sketch

Now it’s time to upload the sketch (program) to the Arduino and tell it what to do.  In the IDE, there are built-in example sketches that you can use which make it easy for beginners.

To open the blink sketch, you will need to go to File > Examples > Basics > Blink

Now you should have a fully coded blink sketch that looks like the image below.

Next, you need to click on the verify button (check mark) that’s located in the top left of the IDE box.  This will compile the sketch and look for errors.  Once it says “Done Compiling” you are ready to upload it.  Click the upload button (forward arrow) to send the program to the Arduino board.

The built-in LEDs on the Arduino board will flash rapidly for a few seconds and then the program will execute.  If everything went correctly, the LED on the breadboard should turn on for a second and then off for a second and continue in a loop.

Congrats!  You just completed your first Arduino project. 

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