Tutorial: Antenna Gain and Directivity

Tutorial : Antenna Gain and Directivity ​ RF antennas or aerials do not radiate equally in all directions. It is found that any realisable RF antenna design will radiate more in some directions than others. The actual pattern is dependent upon the type of antenna design, its size, the environment and a variety of other […]

What is an Oscilloscope ?

An oscilloscope is a type of electronic measurement instrument used to monitor or analyze a voltage signal. Typically, the signal amplitude will be displayed as a function of time. Voltage signals can vary in amplitude, frequency, and overall behavior so the ability to visually qualify and quantify a voltage signal can be extremely important and […]

What are the Electronic Circuit and Their Symbols?

  Electronics is a branch of an engineering, which deals with electronic and electrical circuits like Integrated circuits, Transmitters, and Receiver etc. The electronic circuit is defined as it is a combination of various electronic components that allow the flow of electric current. The electronic components consist of two or more terminals, that are used […]

Differences between Analog Circuits and Digital Circuits

Differences between Analog and Digital Circuits In this post you’ll know what’s the difference between Analog and Digital Circuits. 1-Analog Circuits : As mentioned earlier, an Analog Circuit is a type of Electronic Circuit which processes analog data using analog components like resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors etc. Analog Circuits can be quite simple like a […]

Tesla’s Model Y

Tesla’s long-awaited Model Y electric SUV arrives next year, but you’ll have to wait for the $39,000 version There are four models to choose from, all of which borrow heavily from the Model 3. The Tesla Model Y looks somewhat like a scaled-up Model 3. Tesla. We first heard about the Tesla Model Y all […]

Active & Passive Components

Active Components : Active components control the charge flow in electronic circuits. By definition, active elements generate energy for any device. It is the core component to operate any device. The two parameters to consider for proper device operation are current and voltage. Hence the voltage and current in a circuit may be boosted or […]

What is Arduino ?

Arduino is an open-source microcontroller development board. In plain English, you can use the Arduino to read sensors and control things like motors and lights. This allows you to upload programs to this board which can then interact with things in the real world. With this, you can make devices which respond and react to […]