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what is Autodesk ? History Understanding Autodesk History Autodesk was founded in 1982 by John Walker, who was the co-inventor of the primary versions of AutoCAD. Presently it is known as a multinational software company which has its headquarters based in the United States. This software company develops software services for construction, manufacturing, engineering, architecture …

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Single ship delivers 1PetaOps/sec

Stealthy, three-year-old, processor start-up Groq says it’s developed one chip design which will deliver 1PetaOps/sec performance. Groq calls its design Tensor Streaming Processor (TSP). 2 years back it aforementioned it had recruited eight of the 10 people that developed Google’s Tensor process Unit (TPU). The company has raised $62.3 million in funding.Groq’s design is resembling …

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What are the Electronic Circuit and Their Symbols?

  Electronics is a branch of an engineering, which deals with electronic and electrical circuits like Integrated circuits, Transmitters, and Receiver etc. The electronic circuit is defined as it is a combination of various electronic components that allow the flow of electric current. The electronic components consist of two or more terminals, that are used …

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Differences between Analog Circuits and Digital Circuits

Differences between Analog and Digital Circuits In this post you’ll know what’s the difference between Analog and Digital Circuits. 1-Analog Circuits : As mentioned earlier, an Analog Circuit is a type of Electronic Circuit which processes analog data using analog components like resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors etc. Analog Circuits can be quite simple like a …

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