Single ship delivers 1PetaOps/sec

Stealthy, three-year-old, processor start-up Groq says it's developed one chip design which will deliver 1PetaOps/sec performance.

Groq calls its design Tensor Streaming Processor (TSP). 2 years back it aforementioned it had recruited eight of the 10 people that developed Google’s Tensor process Unit (TPU).

The company has raised $62.3 million in funding.
Groq’s design is resembling one quadrillion operations per second, or 1e15 ops/s and capable of up to 250 trillion floating-point operations per second (FLOPS).

“Top GPU corporations are telling customers that they’d hoped to be able to deliver one PetaOp/s performance among succeeding few years; Groq is asserting it these days,” says Groq chief operating officer eating apple Ross, “the Groq design is several multiples quicker than anything on the market for illation, in terms of each low latency and inferences per second. we have a tendency to had 1st semiconducting material back, first-day power-on, programs running within the 1st week, sampled to partners and customers in below six weeks, with A0 semiconducting material going into production”

With a software-first mental attitude, Groq’s TSP design claims to realize each cypher flexibility and large correspondence while not the synchronization overhead of ancient GPU and computer hardware architectures.

Groq’s design will support each ancient and new machine learning models, and is presently operating on client sites in each x86 and non-x86 systems.

The design is meant specifically for the performance necessities of pc vision, machine learning and alternative AI-related workloads.

Execution coming up with happens in software package, liberating up semiconducting material realty otherwise dedicated to dynamic process.

The tight management provided by this design provides settled process that’s particularly valuable for applications wherever safety and accuracy are overriding.

Compared to advanced ancient architectures supported CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs, Groq’s chip conjointly streamlines qualification and preparation, sanctionative customers to easily and quickly implement ascendable, high performance-per-watt systems.

Post Author: YEPNews